The best way I can describe what LeAndra did for me is that she dreamed my future bigger and clearer than I’ve been doing, and she did so in strikingly practical ways, which has turned me into a believer of myself.

Marj Hahne



2018 was a big change of pace for me as I transitioned from being a full time student into the workforce. Thankfully I was able to land a good job and begin making necessary purchases while paying down several loans. Thanks to planning and budgeting with LeAndra, I have successfully paid off multiple loans, built my personal savings, raised my credit score, begun a 401k and been able to experience significantly more financial freedom along the way.


She was quite helpful when we sat down and went through my past spending habits and sought ways to minimize unnecessary spending. By the end of our session I had a solid idea of where I needed to cut expenses and where I was able to get myself on a better financial track. LeAndra followed up with a detailed budget spreadsheet and checked in post meeting so see how things were going.


I would highly recommend LeAndra to a friend and can personally attest to her budgeting skills and how they have helped my financial well-being.


Budgeting Client



Normally, merry go rounds are fun -- filled with happy times, music and random circus animals making kids laugh. But after years of letting certain frustrations build up in my business and personal life, I’d found a new version of the “merry go round”… Only mine wasn’t joyful.

In my merry go round, I would spend far too much time brooding over problems or injustices to anyone who would listen. It might have been about my boss, colleagues or direct reports, or about certain friends or family members. The collective result was that I wasn’t solving problems or taking action. I was just sitting there, going around and around, and nothing was getting better.

After a few sessions, LeAndra helped me understand that my “merry go round of negative energy” was doing more harm to me than it was solving anything. It had become a form of emotional quicksand. I was becoming trapped in situations or problems, and rather than “manning up” and solving them, I was just engaged in serial whining.

Over the next few months, we talked about the need to think, discern and look at issues from all angles. There are some situations that you need to make the most of and accept with grace, and times when you need to realize that something is fundamentally broken or wrong, and you aren’t crazy for thinking so. In those situations, you need to have the conviction to either fix them or change them. But you need quiet and space to figure it all out.

Getting off the merry go round isn’t easy after rocking that ride for years. But my sessions with LeAndra have helped me learn from it, and develop the conviction to take action in my life.


Life Coaching Client


Budgeting Client



Anyone can go over finances with a client. But what I loved about working with LeAndra was her positive and approachable energy. She looks at the numbers and doesn't see limitations, but room for opportunities to build on what you already have. I left our session feeling empowered and in control of my finances.


She also found fraudulent spending on my account so I appreciated her attention to detail, and the chance for me to get my money back. After that the session more than paid for itself. 


Now 25 years into my career, I’ve reached an executive level thanks to great opportunities presented to me and some truly outstanding mentors. But at some point, my growth began to stagnate. When the idea of hiring a life coach came along, I figured I would do some sessions with LeAndra to see what she had to say. It was quite a wake up call.


One of the themes of our talks was the idea of focus. LeAndra could tell immediately that I waste a ton of time by being too long-winded: in calls, meetings, emails and personal interactions. So one of my immediate mandates was to tighten things up, get to the point, and give back time to everyone. Another key discovery was about boundaries. While relationships will always be important to me, I had no idea how much of my life I was giving away through a 24 / 7 policy where co-workers, family and friends could reach me at any time through Facebook, texting, emails or phone calls.  My daily life was a chaotic blur of business and personal communications throughout the day and night; I was exhausted from it all and didn’t realize the toll it was taking on me.


LeAndra taught me that setting and managing boundaries helps us reclaim peace in our lives. This allows us to work on things that are more important –  whether they be emotional, spiritual, personal or strategic. Through a new focus on brevity and creating boundaries, I’m starting to find an energy and enthusiasm I simply didn’t have six months ago. LeAndra’s coaching was instrumental in this process.

Life Coaching Client

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