Overqualified and Underpaid? 

Discover what's holding you back
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Get Paid What You're Worth


Map a Plan towards Financial Security.

Look Professional and still be You.

Turn your Flaws into your Fortés.

Embrace the Courage to Get Paid What You're Worth!


Have Courage, Confidence, &
Get Paid What You're Worth!

Coaching for Overqualified, Underpaid Women
who are ready to become the transformational leaders
they know they're meant to be!

LeAndra Foster
Associate of the Society of Actuaries
BSBA - Drake University
MSBA - Colorado State

If you can't see the wealth you have within you,
making more money will not bring you happiness.

Hello!  I'm LeAndra Foster and I'm so glad you're here!

I became a Sabotage & Confidence Coach, because it's something I know intimately.  A few years ago, I hit a point where I had achieved some major accomplishments - I was a credentialed Actuary with a Masters degree in Finance, 10 years of experience, and was the go-to person for my retirement expertise - but I was afraid of stepping into a leadership role, because I didn't feel qualified.  Worse yet,  I was making less money than I had when I started my career!

I knew things had to change.  As I discovered my own restrictive mindset and learned to change it, I instinctively knew this was something I had to help other women with. 

I now combine my 20 years of personal wellness "side-knowledge"  – from nutrition and exercise to energy work and meditation – with my formal education and experience to help women like me.  Women who have credentials and experience, but feel like maybe they need just one more set of credentials or maybe just a few more years of experience to be ready to step into a leadership role.

I help you discover the ways you're holding yourself back, dream your life bigger, and design it to make it happen.


Together, we'll unleash your courage and confidence, so you can become a leader who changes the world and gets paid well for it!

The best way I can describe what LeAndra did for me is that she dreamed my future bigger and clearer than I’ve been doing, and she did so in strikingly practical ways, which has turned me into a believer of myself.

- Marj Hahne

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