I love to share my knowledge, whether it's how to live within your means and attain financial freedom or how your mindset is affecting more than your bank account. 

I have created half- and full-day classes targeted to adults who may be working their way out of debt and want to propel themselves toward their financial goals. 

  • The half-day class is in an interactive lecture format. 


  • The full-day class is a combination of interactive lecture and hands-on activity, where each person will go home with their individual budget and timeline specific to their personal financial objectives. 

  • There is also a similar half-day class for high schoolers, which sets them up for financial success and helps them to avoid common pitfalls many young adults face. 

  • All of the classes include an introspective component to understand what beliefs we hold as individuals that may be holding us back or keeping us in the same cycles of poverty and debt.

  • The presentations contain an encouraged, but optional, out-of-the-box concept for abundance and manifestation.  

This is a great option for employers to provide as an employee benefit, schools to educate their students, or for groups and clubs (subject matter can be condensed to an hour and a half). 


Please contact me for more information or for a topic outside of what is listed above.