This is the bread and butter of élän lȳfe Consulting, the very heart and soul of the business. 


I was so fortunate to be raised by parents who just knew how to manage their money - save, use debt judiciously, invest, etc. - but because I was raised that way, I thought everyone just knew...until it started becoming apparent it wasn't, because they were turning to me for help.

You're probably quite aware that the internet abounds with free information on how to create and stick to a budget, and it's probably something you're going to get to.  But I know as well as anyone, that you probably just haven't gotten to it yet.  

This service is for the person who is ready to finally do it.  Ready to sit down together, walk through all your spending habits, discuss your thoughts and beliefs about money, figure out the emotional blocks that have been preventing you from reaching your goals, and create a realistic spending plan to help you reach your financial goals, whatever they may be.  And you may be surprised at just how quickly you can get out of debt, create an emergency savings account, save for a new car, etc. when you SIMPLY. HAVE. A. PLAN.


The first time we sit down together, we'll meet for a 2-hour session to ensure we cover everything.  In my experience this is usually a sufficient amount of time, but we can always take more time if needed*

For the initial visit, you will need to have:

  • Past 2-3 months of BANK STATEMENTS

  • Past 2-3 months of CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS

  • All outstanding LOAN PAYMENT and BALANCES


  • Any other financial information pertinent to your situation

For subsequent consultations - for a quick check up or a new plan for your next goals - there is no time minimum.  This is usually 6 months to a couple of years down the road, depending on your personal timeline. 


Having worked in the finance industry, I know how convoluted the system is and how complex the language is.  If you have any accounts with strange fees or you have an inherited account that you don't know anything about or you need help consolidating accounts, I can join you on a call to your financial institution to serve as your advocate and act as an interpreter. 

*Based on an additional hourly fee.