Week 1:  Creating Connection


According to Robert Waldinger’s Ted Talk, the key to a good life is close relationships.  The key to getting paid what you’re worth is also having the support of open, trusting relationships, as well as being able to provide that same peace of mind to others.

In this first week, you’ll learn the secrets to creating connection.  You’ll be able to move beyond shallow, surface-level relationships that leave you feeling unfulfilled and wanting more.  This is the how-to for developing those close relationships that make a good life.

You will learn to build trust quickly and easily, “walk a mile in their shoes” even when you don’t agree with them, and know what to say in uncomfortable conversations.  These skills are readily applied across all areas of your life including professional, romantic, and parenting relationships.  Additionally, you will understand the benefits of having a sacred place to unload your burdens.  And most importantly, not only will you learn these new skills, but you will have a safe place to practice them.

Week 2:  Master Your Money Mindset


When trying to make more money, we have to question the ideals we were raised with like: “We can’t afford that,” or “Money is the root of all evil,” or “Hard work pays off.”  Because if our minds are computers with these programs running in the background, it’s no wonder we’re not getting paid what we’re worth!

As you become aware of the ways you’ve been programmed to push away money, you can change the beliefs you have about money.  Additionally, when you think about how you want to use money in your life, each dollar begins pushing you towards your ultimate goals.  Finally, as you start thinking about money in a whole new way, you’ll begin to open up to ways you can start to make more money.

Week 3:  Cash College


There is so much shame, judgment, and expectation around knowing how to manage your money.  But the truth is, unless your parents were good at it, you probably know nothing about it, because there is so little formal financial education in our school systems.

Consider this Money School.  We’ll cover rules of thumb around debt and savings, how to create a personal budget that reflects your values, and establish your individual timeline to financial security.  And, you’ll learn how to craft your Abundance Budget, so you can keep your eye on the prize!

Week 4:  Beauty is Bounty


In a 2016 Time article reporting on a sociological research study it states, “Women who style their clothes, hair and makeup earn higher salaries than those who don’t,” and not only that, but it accounted for nearly all of the salary difference in women!

Whether or not you like the idea that we, as women, are judged by our beauty, ignoring it is directly affecting your bottom line. 

Even if you think that beautifying yourself is too much work, takes too much time, or is just downright impossible, you can learn how to enhance your natural beauty quickly and easily. 

In this section, you’ll learn how to immediately spot clothes on the rack that you might love (without filtering through every single item!), what hairstyles will look great on you, and ways to apply make-up that will brighten up your face.  In short, you’ll learn how to look more professional while still feeling like you.

Week 5:  Flaws into Fortés


Think of that thing you have been told, since childhood, that you were “too” of.  Too loud.  Too quiet.  Too childish.  Too serious.  Most likely, whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent your entire life trying to manage it, manipulate it, hide it, flaunt it, somehow fix this thing that is “wrong” with you. 

But take a moment to imagine a world where every woman embraces her “flaw”, where every woman is able to see how this thing that she is “too much” of is actually her Super Power. 

This week you will learn how to harness your Super Power, understanding that “with great power comes great responsibility”, and knowing when it becomes Kryptonite, so that your greatest flaw can become your greatest asset.

Week 6:  Dare to Dream


This is where we bring it all together.  You’re becoming aware of underlying mental programs and you know how to uncover and remove them. You have a new-found confidence for managing your money.  You now style your clothes, hair, and make-up in a way that shapes people’s positive perception of you, while feeling more like you than ever.  You’re beginning to harness your Super Power and you’re ready to get paid what you’re worth!


Now it’s time to let yourself dream big!  What does your perfect, amazing life look like? Dream bigger than you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream before.  It’s time to re-write your story with a brand new ending.  Because when you “remember” your future, it pulls you in that direction and you manifest the life you desire.